April Update

Well, what a busy month it has been! At Reach Forward HQ we’ve had an influx of students joining us on their educational journey. They are truly making our learning community adapt for the better. We never stop discovering new ideas and everything in between from our superstars.

Successes this month include:
A pupil jumping from a grade 6 to an 8
Overall essay writing improving across all students
The coming together of our exam revision study pack

What we have also encountered this month is a lot of STRESS not just from students but from the parents themselves. Sometimes, we become so concentrated on the pupil that the parents feel left out.
Parents of our pupils have often not gone through the GCSE system so it helps to reassure and empower them when seeing their child study for long and often very extended periods of time. They don’t know how to talk to their child during this time or even feel like they are being left out. Our students stress because they are revising intensely and at times struggle with motivation. Therefore the parents stress because they don’t know how to help their child when they seem stuck or even uncommunicative. Grades can go down and then we may be stuck in a vicious cycle.

At Reach Forward HQ, we have been talking to parents via phone and email to keep them in ‘in the loop’ as we call it here. Provide them with information and even encourage them to take part in their child’s revision. You then find that it relieves a lot of pressure on the parent/child relationship. While they can’t see inside their child’s head, we at least try to give an insight into what is happening.

It’s just under a month until exam season starts! We know it’s getting more intense. To all our parents and students, we are here for you!

To all prospective parents and students, we are here for you too. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us to discuss how we can help your child or even you on an educational journey.