A Successful Year

Summer seemed to arrive and disappear before we knew it here at Reach Forward HQ. With that the GCSE/A Level results day arrived………

We did it!

2018-19 saw 100% of our pupils achieve 4-9 (A* - C)

There was lots of surprises along the way. We had students achieve grades that they didn’t expect. Most of them were well above their predicted grade at school. One pupil’s predicted grade was a 5 however with our help, they achieved a 7! Well done to all of those pupils who ‘reached forward’ and achieved better than their predicted grades.

Sometimes, as tutors we wondered if our pupils were going to make it. There were a few in particular that had us worried. Some of them only needed the minimum grade. They tended to be the pupil that required more academic support. Indeed, we’ve had one pupil who has outwardly admitted that he hates English as a subject. Nevertheless, they passed their English exam and were glad to be able to move on to bigger things. Well done to those pupils who ‘reached forward’ and even though you found it difficult, you still did it.

Overall, it has been a great year for everyone at Reach Forward HQ. We are all immensely proud of our pupils. Replicating that success next year? Of course we will!

Hannah Jones